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22km From Brisbane CBD

Land Only Or House & Land Packages

Exclusive Subdivision

600sqm Discounted Block

$50,000 to $100,000 DISCOUNT

Exclusive opportunity to buy at up to $100,000 discount

Get Started With $250,000

You only need $250,000 to secure your discounted land. Land with similar size and in a similar location is already selling for $70,000 to $100,000 more. This is a rare opportunity that will never be repeated.

Limited Release

The developer is only releasing 6 discounted blocks of land that will sell to the first six buyers who enquire. So don't miss out on an offer that will simply never be repeated.

What You’ll Learn from our Detailed Video?

Discover exactly how you can win an instant $100,000 equity in your new property

Learn how to buy into a prime real estate development at a super discount.

Learn how you can be just one of just six lucky buyers to get an exclusive developer’s discount

Only six buyers in the entire estate will be offered the developer’s discount, but what is even more amazing is that the lots being offered are best lots in the entire development.

Learn how we can provide discounted lots

Find the secret of why this developer is providing a limited number of premium discounted building blocks. Understand the process and why it will work for you.

Discover how you will also lock in an 18% increase over 18 months

You will discover how the developer is offering a guaranteed return over just 18 months.

Learn exactly how much cash you'll need to get started

We break down in detail every cost you need to cover to get going with this investment property.


Brisbane running out of land for new homes, with less than 3 years’ supply (Brisbane Times)

With a shortage of land available, now is the time to act and secure your discounted 600sqm building block in Riverview Estate.

Building costs increasing

Take advantage of this discounted land to combat the increasing costs and lock in your potential $100,000 profit.

Yes, please immediately take me to the video with everything I need to know about getting my discounted land.

*Potentially up to $100,000 for 18 months in capital growth